Message: “The Advancing Message of Peace” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - February 20, 2022

The Advancing Message of Peace

Acts 10:34-43 | February 20, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb “The Advancing Message of Peace” 1. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for all peoples. (10:34-35) 2. The message of peace: a. As God, Jesus came and did things only God can do. (10:36-39a) b. Jesus died and was raised to pay the penalty of sin. (10:39b-41) c. We are commanded to witness to everyone that Jesus is the judge. (10:42) d. We are to tell everyone that whoever believes in Jesus will have his sins forgiven. (10:43) Application:

Scripture References: Acts 10:34-43

From Series: "Acts"

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