Message: “Spirit Empowered Faith in the Sovereign Lord” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - October 24, 2021

Spirit Empowered Faith in the Sovereign Lord

Acts 4:23-31 | October 24, 2021 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Spirit Empowered Faith in the Sovereign Lord” 1. The church cried out in prayer together because of the attempt to suppress the gospel. ( 4:23-24a) 2. The church prayed: a. Praising God for His sovereign rule. (4:24b) b. Acknowledging the vanity of warring against God. (4:25-26) c. Acknowledging God’s sovereignty even over the death of Jesus. (4:27-28) d. Asking for boldness to speak the gospel in the midst of persecution.(4:29-30) 3. God answered their prayer for boldness by the power of the Spirit in them. (4:31)

Scripture References: Acts 4:23-31

From Series: "Acts"

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