Message: “Sin and Faith in a Fallen World ” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - February 19, 2023

Sin and Faith in a Fallen World

Genesis 9:18-27 | February 19, 2023 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Sin and Faith in a Fallen World” 1. God’s covenant remains: Noah’s family will fill the earth. (9:18-19) 2. Noah began subduing the earth in faith and obedience to God. (9:20) 3. Sin remained in God’s new start: a. Noah gets drunk and exposes himself. (9:21) b. Ham responds to Noah’s sin with disrespect and more sin. (9:22) c. Sin was restrained in Shem and Japheth. (9:23-24) 4. Judgment comes from disobeying God. (9:24-25) 5. God graciously blesses those who follow Him in faith. (9:26-29) Application:

Scripture References: Genesis 9:18-29

From Series: "Genesis"

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