Message: “Proclaiming the One, True God” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - May 8, 2022

Proclaiming the One, True God

Acts 17:16-34 | May 8, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Proclaiming the One, True God” 1. Paul was moved to share the gospel by the idol worship in Athens. (17:16-17) 2. The Greeks wanted to hear Paul’s teaching because they loved novelty. (17:18-21) 3. Paul proclaimed that there was One, True God. (17:22-23) a. Who is the Creator who made everything and cannot be contained. (17:24) b. Who does not stand in need of mankind to serve Him. (17:25) c. Who created man to worship Him by faith. (17:26-28) 4. Paul calls them to repent because Jesus is going to judge all peoples. (17:29-31) 5. Some saw the gospel as foolishness, while others repented and trusted Christ. (17:32-34)

Scripture References: Acts 17:16-34

From Series: "Acts"

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