Message: “Gospel Unity and Gospel Truth” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - March 13, 2022

Gospel Unity and Gospel Truth

Acts 13:1-12 | March 13, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Gospel Unity and Gospel Truth” 1. The gospel creates family whose members have no earthly reason to be together. (13:1) 2. The Holy Spirit called the church to commission Barnabas and Saul as missionaries. (13:2-3) 3. Barnabas and Saul’s mission was to proclaim the gospel. (13:4-5) 4. God physically blinds the spiritually blind false teacher who was deceiving others. (13:6-11) 5. The gentile official believed in the gospel after seeing its truth and power. (13:12)

Scripture References: Acts 13:1-12

From Series: "Acts"

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