Message: “Defending the Gospel: Changed by God” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - August 28, 2022

Defending the Gospel: Changed by God

Acts 21:37-22:29 | August 28, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Defending the Gospel: Changed by God” 1. Paul addressed the people after being falsely accused and arrested. (21:37-40) 2. Paul’s Defense of the Gospel: a. He also was a Jew who loved and knew the Law very well. (22:1-3) b. He also persecuted Christians. (22:4-5) c. Paul’s worship and life changed by Jesus’ saving him. (22:6-14) d. It is God’s idea and plan that the Gentiles be saved. (22:15-21) 3. The Jewish crowd rejected the Gentiles, Paul and therefore, the gospel. (22:22-23) 4. The Gentile soldiers reject Paul’s defense, but God protects him. (22:24-29)

Scripture References: Acts 21:37-40, Acts 22:1-29

From Series: "Acts"

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