Message: “Affirming the Promises” from Justin Bebb

Justin Bebb - September 10, 2023

Affirming the Promises

Genesis 13 | September 10, 2023 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Affirming the Promises” 1. God kept His promises to Abram: a. Protected Abram’s family from famine and Pharaoh. (13:1) b. Abram had been blessed by others and had become very rich. (13:2) 2. Abram returned to the land and worshiped the Lord in faith. (13:3-4) 3. Conflict: Abram and Lot are too wealthy to continue to live in the same place. (13:5-7) 4. Abram settles the conflict by giving Lot first choice of the land. (13:8-9) a. Lot chose by sight and selects the plentiful land filled with sinners. (13:10-13) b. Abram chose by faith and settled in the land of Canaan. (13:12) 5. God reaffirms His promises to Abram: a. To give him a land to dwell with God in. (13:14-15) b. To make him into a great nation. (13:16-18)

Scripture References: Genesis 13:1-18

From Series: "Genesis"

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