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Message: “Witnessing Before Kings and Governors” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 25:23-26:32 | September 25, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb “Witnessing Before Kings and Governors”

1. Paul appears before a king, governor and prominent men so they had a charge to send against him to Rome (25:23-27)

2. Paul tells them he used to be just like them, persecuting and hating Christians. (26:1-11)

3. The true issue: Paul was saved by God and obeyed Him by declaring the gospel. (26:12-23)

4. Though they rejected the gospel, Paul prays that others would come to a saving faith in Christ. (26:24-29

5. God used Paul’s imprisonment to declare the gospel to kings and governors, and he would do the same to declare it before Caesar. (26:30-32)

Message: “Living for the Gospel” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 25:1-22 | September 18, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“Living for the Gospel”

1. The Jews try to trick the new ruler to assassinate Paul without a trial. (25:1-3)

2. God protects Paul through Festus’ decision: Paul must be tried in Caesarea. (25:4-6)

3. There is no valid charge against Paul, but he uses his arrest to get to Rome. (25:7-12)

4. God uses the worldly powerful to advance the gospel, despite their efforts to stop it. (25:13-22)

Message: “The Fruit of Unbelief and Belief ” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 24:1-27 | September 11, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“The Fruit of Unbelief and Belief”

1. The Jews formally charge that Paul started riots, was a ringleader of Christianity and
profaned the temple. (24:1-9)

2. Paul responds that he is innocent of causing riots and profaning the temple.

3. Paul states he is guilty of believing that the promises of God are true in the gospel.

4. Felix kept Paul in custody for two years, but he also rejected the gospel. (24:22-27)

Message: “God’s Unfailing Promises and Plan” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 22:30-23:35 | September 4, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“God’s Unfailing Promises and Plan”

1. The investigation continues with Paul before the Jewish council. (22:30-23:5)

2. The council did not charge Paul, as his belief in the resurrection divided them.

3. The tribune took Paul to the barracks, where God promised Paul will be His witness
in Rome. (23:10-11)

4. The Jews planned to assassinate Paul, but God used Paul’s nephew to stop it.

5. God used their evil plot to start Paul’s journey to Rome. (23:23-35)

Message: “Defending the Gospel: Changed by God” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 21:37-22:29 | August 28, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“Defending the Gospel: Changed by God”

1. Paul addressed the people after being falsely accused and arrested. (21:37-40)

2. Paul’s Defense of the Gospel:
a. He also was a Jew who loved and knew the Law very well. (22:1-3)

b. He also persecuted Christians. (22:4-5)

c. Paul’s worship and life changed by Jesus’ saving him. (22:6-14)

d. It is God’s idea and plan that the Gentiles be saved. (22:15-21)

3. The Jewish crowd rejected the Gentiles, Paul and therefore, the gospel. (22:22-23)

4. The Gentile soldiers reject Paul’s defense, but God protects him. (22:24-29)

Message: “Preferring Others for the Gospel” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 21:17-36 | August 21, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“Preferring Others for the Gospel”

1. Paul tells the Jerusalem church of God’s saving work among the Gentiles. (21:17-19)

2. They rejoiced at God’s work, but were concerned about gossip they heard. (21:20-22)

3. Out of love for the Jews, Paul followed the law even though he didn’t have to.

4. Gossip and lies about Paul caused a violent riot. (21:27-30)

5. Paul was beaten by the Jews and arrested by the Romans. (21:31-36)

Message: “Resolute Mission” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “Acts.” Acts 21:1-16 | August 14, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“Resolute Mission”

1. Paul encouraged believers on his way to Jerusalem. (21:1-4a)

2. Paul continued his journey despite being warned of coming persecution. (21:4b-6)

3. Believers urged him not to go because of a prophecy that he will be bound. (21:7-12)

4. Paul went to Jerusalem because he was willing to suffer and die for Christ. (21:13-14)

5. Paul’s faith was contagious as even some who warned him went with him. (21:15-16)

Message: “Upholding The Word Of God” from Nathan Joslin

A message from the series “Psalms.” Psalm 119:113-120 | August 7, 2022 | Guest Preacher Nathan Joslin
“Upholding the Word of God”

1. The double and single minded.

2. The Psalmist’s Declaration:

a. He declares his position.

b. He declared his protection.

c. He declares his confidence.

3. The Psalmist’s Prayer

Message: “Love by Telling the Truth ” from Justin Bebb

A message from the series “One-Offs.” 1 Timothy 1:18-20 | July 31, 2022 | Pastor Justin Bebb
“Love by Telling the Truth”

1. Paul urges Timothy to remember:

a. That he was charged to teach and protect the truth. (1:18)

b. That he was charged to keep the faith and a good conscience. (1:19a)

2. Some claim faith but later reveal that claim to be inauthentic. (1:19b)

3. The church is to practice